30 September 2011

Gummy Bear!!

I was so excited to see our little Gummy Bear today. Everything's going great so far! There is only one baby {relieved but disappointed}, and it is healthy and going strong. We didn't get to hear the heart beat, but we did see it on the ultrasound, it was up at 160 BPM. I'm still not sure I believe it's really in there, though. This is baby #4, and I'm still in denial. I never imagined I'd EVER have 4 children, though I always knew I wanted a big family.

My due date is May 6, going my by LMP. The ultrasound actually came up with May 12, which is about where I thought I should be, but there is only 6 days difference between the two dates. I am confident with my doctor, though, and know things will be taken care of better this time around so I'm at peace with the earlier due date. I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday.

28 September 2011

A New Game

I found this fun little game toward the end of my last pregnancy and thought I'd start another "poll" for this one. I know we've still got time, but, you can always come back and change you answers.

So, if you get some time, head on over and make your guess!!

Oh, and here's my first belly pic:

6 Weeks

25 September 2011

Baby Is Killing Me

I think I'm just being wimpy because the boys were so easy, but I feel like this baby is killing me! I've been on the couch the last few weeks with horrible nausea. I haven't been able to cook much of anything, because the smell of everything makes me want to puke.

This coming Friday, we have our first doctor appointment and will be getting our first ultrasound. I'm more than excited for that. I think it may finally become real to me then. Maybe...

I'm also kinda nervous. For the past 3 weeks or so, Kayde has been convinced we are having twins. While I'd love to have twins, and know it is a decent possibility of having twins {there are twins on both sides of our families and I'm pretty sure Kayde had a twin}, I'm not sure I could handle it.

Other than that, nothing is happening right now... It's too early for much anyway...

11 September 2011

Gagging It Down

The worst part of pregnancy, is the morning sickness. I think the majority of women will agree. The rest of them have never had the blessing of puking every morning and throughout the day, the constant feeling of nausea, the desire to eat, but even the sight of food will turn your stomach and send you running to the bathroom...

With the boys, I had the nausea, but I could eat. It never got to the stage of puking. I was thankful for that. But, I think it spoiled me.

This pregnancy is going so much like my first. I take this as both a blessing and a curse.

We really want another girl. Hopefully, this will be our last baby. Tomorrow, I will be about 5 weeks, and I've had the nausea, the heart burn, since I found out I was pregnant. To me, this means either we've got a girl, or I've been blessed with twins {crossing my fingers on that one!}.

That's a story for another time.

Today, I made the most amazing roast pork with onions, red potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot {by the way, I'm looking for crock pot recipes}. And, while I did gag down a few carrots, a couple bites of pork, and a small potato, that's about how my days have been all week.

Nothing tastes right. The smell of food turns my stomach. I'd rather not eat at all...

The horrible thing, at only 5 weeks, I know this is only the beginning. I have at least 10 more weeks of this crap ahead of me...

06 September 2011


Just got off the phone with the doctor's office. I'm very relieved to have gotten into the doctor I had for my first two babies. I really like him and feel comfortable with him and his staff.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be in to see him until early next month. I should be about 8-10 weeks by then. I just wanna do it now!! I go in to "preregister" on the 21st.

I do like the fact that he now does ultrasounds in his office, and I will get one at my first appointment. That will be nice, rather than haggling with our hospital and trying to find my way around there since the "renovation"... Hell, I don't even know where the front door is!!

But, this is a little weight off my shoulders. A little bit of relief in the back of my mind. The spotting has stopped, and I got myself re hydrated, quelling the cramps a bit, too. Things are feeling good. I am officially a day late today.

05 September 2011

Six Days Ago

Yes, six days ago, we learned that our family of five would be expanding to a family of six.

We are expecting our fourth child around the 14th of May, 2012. This is an unofficial due date, as I have not been to a doctor yet to confirm. I will let you all know when we know.

I am starting this blog completely as a pregnancy/baby blog. I know there are people out there {some of whom read my main blog} who struggle with infertility. I am excited for my pregnancy, as I should be. But I'm also aware that some people may not be, and may not want to constantly hear about it.

This blog will be for those who do, and a place to stay away from for those who don't.

I will do short updates on my main blog {as a Friday Fragment... fragment}.

So, here it is. Enjoy!

I look forward to spending the next 9 months with everyone, waiting and watching my baby grow.

Oh, and everyone -- THINK PINK! We are hoping for a little Zoie this time around, though we would be perfectly thrilled to have a third boy. =D