30 September 2011

Gummy Bear!!

I was so excited to see our little Gummy Bear today. Everything's going great so far! There is only one baby {relieved but disappointed}, and it is healthy and going strong. We didn't get to hear the heart beat, but we did see it on the ultrasound, it was up at 160 BPM. I'm still not sure I believe it's really in there, though. This is baby #4, and I'm still in denial. I never imagined I'd EVER have 4 children, though I always knew I wanted a big family.

My due date is May 6, going my by LMP. The ultrasound actually came up with May 12, which is about where I thought I should be, but there is only 6 days difference between the two dates. I am confident with my doctor, though, and know things will be taken care of better this time around so I'm at peace with the earlier due date. I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday.

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