11 December 2011

19 Weeks and Workin' Out

I've made it to 19 weeks. It really doesn't seem like I can be this far, already. I've been so busy with school, writing, the kids, their school, my school, and the new house to really have a chance to sit back and enjoy being pregnant.

It's finally getting to the pleasant part, and it's just flying by...

I still have days where I wake up nauseated and puking, but they are getting fewer and fewer.

Hopefully, next week, I can have some big news! I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm not really expecting to until Monday {if anything prevents our ultrasound from happening}.

I'm up another pound from last week, bringing me to a total of 10.2 pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight.

I finally got in my two new prenatal workout videos -- Glow - Prenatal Cardio Sculpt with Tonya Larson and Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy {both can be found on Amazon.com}.

I love the first one! I haven't done the strength part of it, yet, but the cardio is so much fun!

Tomorrow, I'm going to give the Denise Austin one a try, and the strength part, as well. I love Denise Austin workouts, but it can be tough some days to tolerate Denise Austin. That much energy, enthusiasm, and energy... she's getting paid a lot of money. =P

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