13 December 2011

Little Change Of Plans

The ultrasound I'd had scheduled for Monday got cancelled. Something happened and they aren't going to be getting the machine to demo.

So, instead, I have to do my ultrasound with the hospital. I have it scheduled for Thursday afternoon. It's so close, but I still feel like something's going to happen to prevent this appointment, too...

I am excited, though.

Hubby's working, so he doesn't get to go to this ultrasound. That's fine, he missed one of Ethan's ultrasounds too.

We're going to go for the more expensive {$200 out of pocket}, 3D/4D ultrasound in the city toward the end of the pregnancy anyway.

So, now instead of waiting 5 days, I have only about 46 hours left! I can't wait to finally see my baby!

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