04 November 2011

Dream House

As much as I fought it, we looked at seven more houses yesterday. I'm actually glad we did. I think we found the perfect house. From the pictures online, it wasn't that spectacular, and I was reluctant to even drive by the house. But, the moment I stepped inside, I knew I wanted it to be mine.

It's in town, only a couple blocks away from Kayde's school, and close enough to the school next year that I won't have to fight with the district about the fact that she WILL attend the school in town.

It's a 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom. Beautiful carpeting. Beautiful front yard, and the perfect, private back yard for the kids. The kitchen is sort of small, but there's tons of storage space, and some room to expand. I'm sure it'll be perfect, though. The previous owners knocked out the garage and expanded the family room, turning the "upstairs" into a master suite. It's got a huge bedroom, two giant walk in closets, and a bathroom with a tub, and I believe a shower.

The greatest thing is it's stick built {no having to transfer our loan to another company and all that fun stuff} and even if we were to pay full price we can afford it.

I'm trying not to get too excited about it, though Hubby did call the realtor we're working with and told her that is the one we're very interested in putting an offer into.

I just hope that it's finally over. I'm tired of looking at houses {in the last three weeks, we've walked through close to 30!}, I'm tired of arguing over it. I just want to sign the papers and old the keys in my hand. I want to walk in the front door and be able to say "this is all mine!".

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