15 November 2011

Maternity Clothes Woes

Why do maternity clothes have to cost so much?
Why am I so damned picky about them!?

I've spent the better part of my morning shopping at various places online for some more maternity clothes.

Right now, I have 25 weeks {more like 21-23} left of this pregnancy. I've been wearing my maternity pants since the beginning of September when I was only about 6 weeks along. Despite what some people will say, they actually are much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into already tight jeans while dealing with severe bloat and a growing belly.

But, I'm having a tough time finding clothes I actually like that don't cost a fortune. My usual go to shop is Motherhood Maternity, but, even there, I'm struggling. They usually have such cute stuff, at fairly decent prices.

Maybe it's a bad season to be shopping for clothes {I never was much of a fashion guru}, or maybe it's just my mood...

But, I kinda need some new shirts and possibly some pants that aren't jeans. I like to dress up and look "good" now and then, and some days, jeans just aren't it.

Oh well...

Guess I better just suck it up and do it while I still have money.

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