25 November 2011

She's Got Heart

I finally got in my Fetal Doppler from eBay today!

It wasn't a completely horrible experience, but so far, it's been my worst eBay experience yet. According to the thing that tells you when it should be there when you buy something, I should have gotten it this past Tuesday at the latest. It just came from AZ so really, it should have been here Saturday. Well, the seller didn't send it until Tuesday and tried to blame the "delay" on the Holidays. Well, if they'd sent it on time, the holidays shouldn't have affected it at all...


We got in the Doppler today, and found Baby's heart beat. It was going steady about 145 BPM.

We have to wait for the gender, though. I still have a couple weeks before we go back to the doctor, but I'm getting anxious for our next ultrasound. It better be before Christmas, though! Grandma and Grandpa are coming down, and I want to be able to show them pictures.

Things are going well. I'm just a few days from 17 weeks. The morning sickness is going slowly. There are still about 3 days a week I wake up to puke. My weight is staying steady {I'm hoping not to gain too much since I was very overweight to begin with, the biggest I've ever been pre-pregnancy...}. And the belly is slowly growing.

I've been feeling "her" move the last couple weeks, and "her" kicks are getting stronger.

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Billie said...

I always wanted one of those, but never did get one. How awesome!
Hey, are you still on Google+?